Want to make a donation now? Please use the below link.

Your generous gift will literally change the life of a child in need.
A donation of $250 will pay for the cost of one surgery.
Just $25.00 would provide dental care for a child.
The cost of an entire house is approximately $1200, or $200 would provide floors or windows.
100% for your donation goes towards the expenses for the hospital and supplies.
Our doctors, dentists, construction workers and staff are all volunteers and donate their time and pay for their own travel expenses.

Donations of any amount are welcomed, appreciated, and put to good use.

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Hirsche Smiles Foundation depends solely upon volunteers who pay their own way and on donations from generous people who have caught the vision of caring and helping.

Send your donations to:
Hirsche Smiles Foundation
PO Box 1064
Orem, UT 84059-1064

Please indicate on your check which team you would like your donations to be used for:
Surgical,  Dental, or Construction.

We are a 501C charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.


If you have questions, Email us at:


Direct Contact
Brittany Umi : 801.571.2020