Surgical Services – The Surgical team, under the direction of nurses as team leaders, consists of volunteer surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other health professionals who perform and assist in surgery on needy children with birth defects such as cleft lip and palate deformities, extra fingers or toes, and disfiguring scars due to burns or other accidents. The Surgical team also works with local surgeons, nurses, and staff at the Moore Pediatric Surgical Center to help the children during their hospitalization and recovery period.

Surgical Mission pictures and stories

Dental Services – The Dental Services team, under the direction of Kathy D. Ross, consists of dentists, dental assistants, dental health educators, and volunteers who visit families in remote mountain villages in Guatemala. The Dental Services volunteers work with local dentists, as well as village and school officials to assist them to bring a high quality of dental care and dental health education to the children of Guatemala. The team is able to utilize portable dental x-ray and drill equipment to restore as well as extract teeth.

Dental Services Mission pictures and stories

Hirsche Homes – The Hirsche Homes Construction team, under the direction of Will Jones, remodels or builds new homes for families living in poverty in small shacks with dirt floors, leaking roofs, and no windows or doors.  They help families that live in small villages in one room shacks with unclean and cramped living conditions and no indoor plumbing.  They also build chicken coops and provide a few chickens, so that families have a way to earn a little money and have a better diet.

Hirsche Homes Mission pictures and stories