In Mexico, we visited the city of Boca del Rio in 2008 and 2009. The Mayor’s office and his wife Patty sponsored us as part of their DIF project. They found many precious children who needed our help. The government sponsored the team, notifies officials in the district of the team’s visit, arranged for screening and assisted in preparing the children for surgery. They provided lodging and meals for the surgical team as well as the patients and their families.

It takes a lot of surgical equipment, dental instruments, and “soft medical supplies” to run our programs and provide care for those in need. In Salt Lake City, Globous ReliefFund helps Hirsche Smiles Foundation obtain the material resources necessary to perform surgeries, hold dental and educational clinics.  Globous ReliefFund is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization dedicated to gathering, processing and distributing high-quality humanitarian resources to charity groups serving populations in need. For more information, please visit

The Shalom Foundation

The Shalom Foundation, Franklin, TN, works to provide love, hope, and support for children and their families living in extreme poverty. In partnership with contributors, they work to meet their physical and spiritual needs while providing them with the resources to improve their lives and rebuild their communities. Please visit

The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center

The Moore Pediatric Surgery Center opened in March 2011, and is the base of operations for Shalom’s Medical Program and serves children from across Guatemala, located in Guatemala City. The facility hosts medical, dental, and surgical teams from a variety of specialties. This is the surgery center where the Hirsche Smiles Foundation operates during their surgical missions.  Please visit

Jed R. BindrupMD

Dr Jed Bindrup has opened a large storage area in his office building for HSF to store our supplies, pack, and prepare for our missions. In addition Canyon Crest Surgical Center in the same  building performs us a great service by sterilizing our instruments prior to each trip. Thanks to both!