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Dental Services and Humanitarian Team Pictures and Stories

Many of these children are having their first visit to a dentist.

They were given toothpaste and a toothbrush to continue the dental hygiene they learned about from the dentists and volunteers

Under fairly primitive conditions in a school house, children and adults get the dental care they need, Sometimes a tooth restoration is possible. Most often the tooth must be extracted because there is nothing left of it except the root.

One of our most memorable days working with the indigenous people in the mountains of Coban. We worked all day out of a local villager’s home. A There was no power in the home and the only natural light was one window and the front entry way.

On an average trip, working 4-5 days the dental team will extract 1,000 to 1,200 teeth and restore 300-450.

Children are given school supplies that will allow them to do their work and learn. Often they leave school by the fifth grade to help in the fields. We encourage them to stay in school as long as possible as one way to better their lives and prepare for the future.